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As the first human to coin the term "gigfit"

(see email screenshot for proof), I believe I have too long been hunkered over in the shadows adding piece after glorious piece to my #dollskill wish-list while the world wastes away without my, shall we say, insight, on how to wear crazy clothes without looking like a dweebus. Oh, you may still be a dweebus underneath (like I am) but no one will be the wiser. Not till you open your big dweeby mouth, that is!

Do I have any sort of professional training in this field of study?

Does watching every season of What Not to Wear then ignoring Stacy & Clinton and going to Hot Topic anyway (yes I was a poser for a hot minute) and buying wide leg tartan shorts with display only suspenders count? *gasps for breath* Too many words, not enough oxygen.

It doesn't count? Oh well, you shouldn't worry. Stacy and Clinton have both said there aren't really rules anymore and to wear what makes you feel good. Google it, I ain't got time to give you a citation page.

"So," you may be asking yourself, "What's the point of this blog?"

Dear reader there's nothing pointy here, just me sharing pictures of all them wild looks! And giving advice, if you want it, on how to style the craziest of clothes to work for you! We'll laugh, we'll cry because you can't stop laughing I'm so hilarious, and I'll try to convince you to wear that thing your Aunt Ruth, or your mom, or Granny May told you never to wear in public again. People were mad at David too, at least I didn't show up in the nude.

Why am I doing this? Cause I really like to talk (write I guess) and I really love fashion. And everyone should have that friend that shouts "YASSS, YOU CAN PULL IT OFF" when they step out of the dressing room. If you don't have that person in your life, allow me to be the wild fashion angel (devil?) on your shoulder.

Cause I know how to make crazy weird look crazy good.

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Victor Carter
Jul 30, 2019

As I suspected...GREAT START! You might remember me as @luckylucyliu, love the photo.

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